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We love Sensei. His patience and enthusiasm has helped our three sons achieve a new level of confidence and discipline. Thanks Shotokan Karate Center!

- The Wheatley Family

I am extremely proud to say my children train at Shotokon Karate Center. My children are able to train in the art of Shotokon Karate with the best, seasoned teachers they could ever have. In addition, this family run business is so warm and ready to welcome all families to be apart of their family. The skills that my children are learning are invaluable and will last a lifetime. Thank You SKC!! We love you!

- A. Bosompem 

SKC opens your eyes to the true traditions and nature in karate as if we were in Okinawa. They help you to grow in your understanding of what karate is. As a student of the school, I came in with absolutely no knowledge of how to be a martial artist. I can honestly say that being here will teach you so much every time you come. Through excellent experienced instruction, you will never stop learning about this style in its traditional form.

- Cassandra Foster

Shokotan Karate has been a blessing to our family. The sensei's dedication to children and families goes beyond teaching karate. They extend the discipline and caring nature to the community and they encourage the children to respect and honor each other and those they encounter.

- Cory and Diana Jones

SKC is a great place for your child to train because the environment is very supportive. The business is family owned and the Senseis will treat your child as their own.  You can tell that the Senseis genuinely care for your child through their interactions with your child and you as the parents. Parents are welcome any time to watch their children train and you are encouraged to be involved at SKC as much as possible. There is a sense of community and all the parents and students know each other. The environment fosters a sense of closeness through parties and other fun socializing events. Above all, the Senseis helped build my child’s confidence and helped him achieve a sense of independence.

- The Asherman Family

When my son turned 2 years old he started running around the house doing karate. When he turned 4, we started looking for a karate school for him to begin training. We searched in Belleville, Bloomfield, Newark, Nutley, and Montclair, taking a free lesson here and there, but did not find any school that really impressed us. We were looking for a school that taught discipline, self-respect, humility, as well as intensive karate training. Nine months later we had given up on finding a school, when I walked into Shotokan karate Center.

Upon walking into SKC, my mouth literally dropped. I could not believe what I was seeing. The children were all quiet, had great posture, were focused and appeared to be very disciplined. I also saw a young girl who was a black belt, and an even younger boy who was a brown belt. They were walking around helping and making adjustments in the stance and technique of the under-belts. The children were all being addressed as Ms. or Mr. with their first name. My son was with me and he was so excited he was shaking. He said “mommy I want to train here.” I signed him up immediately, and we have been there since February 2011. My son was almost 5 at the time. At the end of July, six months later, my son was a yellow belt and had 8 trophies from 4 tournaments. 

Shotokan Karate Center is very family oriented and regularly hosts family nights, barbecues, and birthday celebrations for its members. The Shihan and Senseis are very invested in the students and focus on the entire individual. They help children with school work, self-esteem, discipline and behavior problems, while teaching exceptional karate technique, promoting the importance of obeying and loving their parents, striving for excellence, and being the best that you can be. What more can you ask of a karate school? In my opinion, Nothing.

 - Candace, Montclair, NJ