Welcome to Shotokan Karate Center Online

Pinewave History

At Shotokan Karate Center, formerly Shotokan Karate-Do Club, we are committed to serving the community and sharing our knowledge of the art of Karate-Do.  We've helped many students channel their energy in a positive direction.  We've given them the tools necessary to achieve success.  We continue to assist students in reaching and surpassing their goals. Shotokan Karate Center has been in operation over 11 years and we proudly continue to strive for excellence. 

We invite you to train with us - anyone can become a Black Belt through hard work, dedication and commitment.

All are welcome

SKC Dojo Code:

We will endeavor:

  • to seek perfection of character
  • to be sincere and honest
  • to practice courtesy and humility
  • to show strong spirit and perseverance
  • to control one's temperament
  • to acquire mental strength through physical discipline


Dojo Kyo Kun:

Hitotsu!           Jinkaku Kansei Ni Tsutumuro Koto!

Hitotsu!           Makoto No Michi O Mamuru Koto!

Hitotsu!           Doryoku No Seichin O              

                        Yashinau Koto!

Hitotsu!           Reigi O Omonsuru Koto!

Hitotsu!           Keeki No Yu Imashimuru Koto!

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