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Shihan, Basilio Barrett 5th DanShihan, Basilio Barrett, 5th Dan, is Owner and Chief Instructor at Shotokan Karate Center.  He has been a long-time practitioner of martial arts.  His karate training began in the Panama Canal Zone, under the diligent direction of Hanshi R. Johns (DSKA), a direct student of Hanshi Vincent Cruz (ISKA).

After his tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps, Barrett Sensei continued to train as a private student with Sensei I. Haywood.  He also studied for 9 years with Sensei K. Lee.  As a dedicated practitioner of the art, Shihan knew he would eventually teach Shotokan Karate.

His love for Karate and sharing his vast knowledge with his students are extremely fulfilling to Sensei.  Barrett Sensei goes above and beyond by stressing education as key in the development of all children. He visits his students' schools to encourage them to do their very best at all times.  He is truly committed to the art and to all of his students. He is a mentor to many students.

Sensei has competed in many tournaments (was Kumite Grand Champion at the BKG Tournament in 1992 among his many accomplishments) and has attended many seminars, camps and clinics.  SKC is member of several national and international associations.  Shihan Barrett has been an integral part of the After School Program in the East Orange School District.  Sensei is very serious about his teaching and has helped many students channel their negative energy in a positive direction. He has been and continues to be a great mentor to the youth.  He is always eager to teach us something new.

Barrett Sensei dedicates himself totally to his family, as well as his extended family at the Dojo.  His enthusiasm and love for the art of Karate-Do, have been, and continue to be, a testament to his qualifications as an excellent Instructor. It is indeed an honor to train with such an accomplished, yet humble, Martial Artist.


Sensei Deborah BarrettSensei, Deborah Barrett

Is Manager and also an Instructor at SKC. Sensei is a Local, State, Regional and National Champion with many years of experience in the art of Karate-Do. She has competed in many tournaments and has attended numerous seminars, clinics and training camps. She is always hungry for knowledge in what she calls the "Ever-Evolving Art of Karate-Do."

Sensei began formal training in 1993. Deborah truly believes everyone should experience some form of Martial Arts training. She is a proud member of several associations and is an accomplished martial artist.

Sensei Barrett shares the same vision as Shihan Barrett of continuing the tradition of Budo and is committed to her family as well as her Dojo Family.

Sensei Deborah adds: "Life is full of changes and, as we grow, we must change with it.  I am truly blessed to have the ability to share this knowledge with others." 

Other students who have become Black Belts at Shotokan Karate Center (SKC):

 N. Barrett, B. Barrett, II, R. Williams, R. Ricks, T. Dickinson-Davis, S. Barrett, K. Barrett, J. Vales, N. Magee.

Shotokan Karate Center salutes you all. Ous!!!



Sensei, Natalia Barrett

Natalia, Sensei is Assistant Instructor at our Dojo.  She is a true Champion.  Sensei is our AAU Gold Medalist in Kumite.  Through fierce competition at the 2003 Junior Olympic Championship Tournament in Detroit, Michigan our Sensei emerged victorious, clenching the Gold.  Sensei Natalia has also competed in countless Tournaments and is Local, State, Regional and National Champion. 

Sensei shows students that Shotokan Karate creates a balance.  As you train, you can strengthen your leadership skills, assertiveness, self-control, perseverance, awareness and focus.  It's a way of life.